smartphoneobsessed-150x150I have recently joined the ‘Dark Force’ and am now a proud owner of, yes, an iPhone. While having the ‘world’ at my fingers tips has made my life seem more productive, I began to wonder. Is it really?!


After AsapSCIENCE video, 5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now, I am not so sure. I’ve embedded the video below.

Apparently, heavy social media usage triggers the same impact as a having a beer, in that it limits our decision-making capabilities and triggers the immediate pleasure-seeking side of our brain (Darn Reptilian brain!).


In a more surprising study, researchers found that heavy social media users are LESS able to multi-task and cannot concentrate on work. Leading to LESS PRODUCTIVITY and LESS COMPREHENSION. So basically, social media can and will make you dumber if you allow it to!!!

I can’t say that statistic is so shocking, but it has me questioning how much social media is too much. What is ‘heavy social media usage’? In a  Commonsense Media Research Paper, titled Social Media, Social Life, they described ‘heavy usage’ as anyone using at least two social media platform every single day. So… either this is a very liberal definition of the word ‘heavy’ or Generation Y has some serious issues…


One of the more positive statistics in studies on how social media is affecting our brain is within relationships. While many may admit that they can’t live without their phones, on-line dating is actually more effective than the old-fashioned way! People in relationships have reported being happier with their significant other if they initially met on-line v. in person. This seems to make sense because you have a lot more information before you make a move.

But on-line dating has also resulted in MORE MARRIAGES! So, a recent study showed that a significantly higher percentage of people getting married, initially met on-line v. in person. So… I guess there definitely is an app for everything.


So, what is the real issue with smartphones? It seems to create a one-sided relationship. Thus, my question of whether we are in relationships with our phones?! I don’t consider myself a heavy phone user, but in today’s society, how many times have you had a collective iPhone session with people who you should be talking to face-to-face?


With social media triggering the Dopamine in our brains, people can easily form a dependency to their phones and social apps. What is the most interesting part of this dependence: it actually has nothing to do with social interaction! People are getting the most pleasure out of talking about themselves. Yep. And the ‘social interaction’ actually only serves to increase one’s love of self as they have their ego edified by an audience.


These are strange times, and I’m glad to be a writer who enjoys exploring how Social Media will affect society and relationships in ‘the future.’ So, check out my books, I Am Mediaand Renegades Rising if you like Sci Fi Thrillers.

You can check out AsapSCIENCE’s video below.
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