Good evening y’all!

I have recently finished watching the Netflix Original series, Hemlock Grove, and needed to share my thoughts for fear of feeling alone in my feelings of WTF-ness.

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Overall, I found the plot line compelling out of its sheer level of bizarreness. The character motivations were hard to comprehend, most probably because they ended up being more perverse than the average sane person could comprehend, but it was still an interesting series to watch.

However, about 6 episode into the series I decided that I disliked it, but couldn’t stop watching because I had to figure out who/what was killing those girls. In the end, I don’t think anyone could have predicted the closing 3 episodes which, somehow, allowed each minute to take a more perverse turn than the last until the final moments where I was left thinking, ‘I wasted 13 hours of my life for this?”

At first, I was turned off my the amount of sex scenes, foul language, and poorly written dialogue that featured on the show. I am not a prude by any means, but I simply think that any good piece of work doesn’t require explicit sex and language in order to be interesting. Also, Sex isn’t really that interesting overall unless you are the one involved.

By the end, I was turned off by the fact that the series could have ended happily for the main characters after the Vargulf was killed. But no. The writer seemed hell bend on snuffing out every morsel of light.

It was at this point that my perspective on the series turned into anger because, for me, it switched from a fantastical story into a perverse commentary on human nature.

The moral of the series seems highlights the baseness of human nature and says everyone is capable of heinous acts to varying degrees.

In the end, you are not meant to empathize with any of the characters and simply watch the horror unfold before your eyes.

However, seen in a lighter perspective, the show is hilarious and can make a great drinking game if you take a shot every time some one says ‘Shee-it’, cries, or has sex/thinks about having sex.

Overall, I wont be watching the next season.

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