ian rankin exit music

I thought I’d write a review about what I’m reading at the moment: Ian Rankin’s Exit Music.

Truth be told, I’m only two chapters away from finding out whodunnit, but I can barely be bothered to read anymore, ha ha.

It’s something about the chapters that don’t go anywhere that get me… but overall, I quite like the book. Then again, I always like reading murder mysteries… as long as they aren’t based on fact (that’s just terrifying).

Throughout reading the novel, I couldn’t help but laugh to myself at all the cheesy lines written in an effort to characterize detectives as hard-asses with a flair for sarcasm, but I don’t mind. It makes good reading… but perhaps not good reality?

Exit Music really does capture how ineffable solving murders are in real life, and how the justice system is less than perfect.

Which is great in one sense, and simply a major annoyance at other times when you realize that you’ve just read 300 pages and you are no closer to figuring out who the murder is – and have stopped caring.

I guess I like my fiction fantastical and to the point.

But it’s great for a change of pace, easily captivating, and has humorous characters which may leave you wanting to read more.

What I like most about it is that it’s pleasurable to read – even if the plot goes adrift at points.

Overall, I give the book 3 and a half stars out of five.

I bought another Ian Rankin novel at the thrift, so stay tuned….

Have a happy Monday, Everyone!!!

Nina Limardo

Author of I Am Mediaand Renegades Rising

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