What to write about when you don’t know what to write about

(Image Credit: The Brass Glass) If you are reading this post, I assume that you have just drifted away from your empty word document in search of a magic wizard that will give you an epiphany on what you should write about. In today’s times, that magic wizard is probably Google. Fortunately I have about three things you can write about when you are stumped, have no idea what you should be writing about. Whether you are writing a blog post, an essay for class, or your dissertation, these tips are simple and easy to use. How do you think…
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How to: write a friendly letter that warms hearts

Credit: Jessica Gale via morgueFile I know, the title is a bit strange since most of you already know how to write letters, but are they actually effective? We’re used to business letters, company emails, and you may have even written or received a few love albeit mine we’re of the kindergarten variety (‘do you like me?’ Check ‘yes’ or ‘no’). But I really love to write letters to my friends from time to time that let them know that they are a very appreciated presence in my life. When you consider how fast-paced life is, it seems like I…
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Are you in a relationship with your smartphone?

I have recently joined the 'Dark Force' and am now a proud owner of, yes, an iPhone. While having the 'world' at my fingers tips has made my life seem more productive, I began to wonder. Is it really?!   After AsapSCIENCE video, 5 Crazy Ways Social Media Is Changing Your Brain Right Now, I am not so sure. I've embedded the video below. Apparently, heavy social media usage triggers the same impact as a having a beer, in that it limits our decision-making capabilities and triggers the immediate pleasure-seeking side of our brain (Darn Reptilian brain!). (more…)
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