Miss-Fishers-Murder-Mysteries_6d8ed3eaHello again! Sorry for missing a couple of posts! I was on vacation in Rome and Budapest (I’ll put up pictures later), but for now, back to raving about the favorite Netflix shows I watch when I’m not writing until my fingers turn blue. Book Three is turning out nicely, btw! Can’t wait to spill the beans on the title and release date…


For now, I will reveal my passion for film and detective series… the good ones at least. And with so much choice on Netflix, it is really hard to find something new and good to watch after exhausting all the obvious options.


But here is a must-watch series that I am absolutely obsessed with… and yes. It is based on a novel series which only adds to it’s allure. I highly recommend watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries!


I have fallen in love with this Australian Murder Mystery series which takes place in the 1920’s. Not only are the characters engaging and lovable, but the story line is extremely clever and captivating. Also, if you are into period dramas like, Downtown Abbey, then the costumes and flair aren’t going to disappoint you.


Essie Davis plays the bourgeois, modern woman, Miss Fisher who spuriously becomes a Lady Detective after sparking a partnership with the local detective, Jack Robinson, played by Nathan Page. The two make a comical and dynamic duo who seem to bathe in sexual tension.


However, if the character dynamics aren’t enough to keep you entertained and intrigued, the murder’s definitely will. Each episode is so cleverly constructed and captured that it keeps you on the edge of your seat. There is also a large plot line interwoven throughout the first series which involves Miss Fisher’s sister who was taken before her time by a serial murderer. Now, decades later, Miss Fisher begins to uncover the truth as she walks closer and closer to a dangerous plot twist. I will not spill the beans! All I will say is that it is very clever and I suggest you watch the last few episodes as a marathon run because it is impossible to stop once you’ve started.


I will probably make a separate post for Series Two of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Let’s just say it’s more of the same great stories, with growing romantic tensions between the characters. The prolific acting also makes it incredible to watch because it makes it so easy to get into the story line and fall in love with all of the wonderful characters.


Series One of Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries is available on Netflix. Series Two is only available via a YouTube subscription with Acorn, as far as I know. But I was so captivated that I subscribed for two weeks just to finish the second series. A third is due for release in the next year. I luckily have enough to busy me until the latest episodes are released, but it won’t keep me from dreaming that some handsome detective might be right around the corner.

I give this a 5 out of 5. Happy Watching and Tweet me about your latest Netflix Obsessions.


–Nina Limardo

Author of I Am Mediaand Renegades Rising
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