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The Void

Living in a world of pure imagination. But what comes when the imaginary world becomes more real than reality. Perhaps you come to understand that reality isn't real. Only Illusion. But then again, So is imagination. There's nothing to cling to. Only Self. However, the self is only a shadow of the real you. Only Illusion. And you are left with nothing. Falling into a void. Terrified of losing everything you clung to for fear of this moment. The moment you realize that you're already lost. No more points of reference. No more shapes, forms, and ideas. Nothing. (more…)
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These Four Walls

Happy Friday Everyone! And what a wonderful day it is to write the first of many posts on my new blog site! This time I am really committed to blogging consistently! Today, I would like to creatively muse about thoughts that have been rummaging in my to which I'm trying to find an answer - your guess is as good as mine. :D It's about the illusion of relationships. (more…)
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