Hello everyone!

Since becoming a full-time writer a few years ago, I’ve noticed that I’m still having trouble adapting to the schedule, or lack thereof. Mind you, I would not trade my life for the world, but I think the lifestyle of the self-employed is something that is not much talked about.

You can read 100,000 articles about how to become self-employed in some practice or other, but not many of them can communicate what happens after, in your day-to-day affairs.

Overall, have nothing to complain about, of course. It’s simply the passing of the days and the nights where you seem to be doing a lot, but feel like you are doing nothing. The whole experience entirely changes the way I perceive the passage of time, and life as a whole. This must have been what Emerson felt at Walden Pond. He had all that time and space to think about existence, so much was changing for him, while so much was staying the same.

Or, perhaps in many ways this is what it means to be a writer: spending the majority of your time and some inner world and communicating glimpses of that experience with others via the written word.

Mostly, this feels like the art of trying not to feel lazy. Mind you, there’s some weeks where I’m so busy I can barely eat and sleep as I chug away nonstop. Then, there are those other days were days pass by like an endless stream of tiny errands.

But I suppose this is only the disparity between what work should be and what we are conditioned to to think that work should be. Ever since childhood been conditioned that work as hard, endless, and ultimately compromises your happiness and social life. In actuality, working doing something you love is far different from this picture that I’ve seen and lived in my youth. Work now, is simply categorized for me as any worthwhile activity which has a purpose for my life and contributes to my ultimate happiness. This is made easier by having the ability to do and love every day and make a living. This is the biggest blessing in my life, but I don’t think I should ever stop expressing my gratitude for this. However, it should also be known to any of you hopeful aspiring artists, but this blessing did not come without effort and planning.

I suppose the moral of this story is: do what you love, and even if you think there is no way that you can do what you love for a living, find a way. Life is a blessing to think it’s important to try our best to make each moment count and just be happy where you are, but also be happy with where you’re heading.

That is all from me for now. I wish you lives filled with happiness!



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