Happy Friday Everyone!

And what a wonderful day it is to write the first of many posts on my new blog site! This time I am really committed to blogging consistently!

Today, I would like to creatively muse about thoughts that have been rummaging in my head… to which I’m trying to find an answer – your guess is as good as mine. 😀

It’s about the illusion of relationships.

The false sense of security which lulls you into ecstasy before you can whisper a sensible word.

And then, of course, the resignation… the constant flow of affirmations about us, we, and our – slowly building a fragile, yet penetrable wall.

The voices outside become useless has you convince yourself you have everything you need inside of your tangled hands and sweet words – until the words run sour.

And the walls begin to crack – slowly but surely.

And you shout affirmations about us, we, and our to mend every crack – and for a while it works.

Until, of course, one day. And perhaps many days. As many days as it takes (because the walls we’ve built over time grow in size and thickness).

A fateful day comes when you see the walls, the hands, the sweet nothings for what they really are.

And what they are I cannot express to you in words. Only experience can comprehend the empty gestures we claim sincerely.

And all you are left with at the end is a choice.

But the dimly lit cavern of hope and trust is tired. It ceases to care. It wants a place to rest its weary head before again realizing the unrealizable.

And so we build walls again. Perhaps with the same hands, or with others. But as time goes on. Perhaps we come to realize, if only for a moment, that there is more to life than this.

-Nina Limardo