Hello Everyone!

Sorry for my short hiatus. Writing my next blog post has been on my agenda for the past few days, but I just couldn’t bring myself to write ANYTHING!

I have an unfortunate case of writer’s block…. possibly brought on by my hayfever…. or by the dog days of summer which beckon me to sit outside eating ice cream and watching Netflix.

In any event, I have a sad, horrid, case of writer’s block which I can only pray will resolve it self through lashings of self-discipline.

The only way to cure writer’s block is to write! It’s paradoxical, but it works.

So here I go, don’t judge me:

Beckoning calls.

Hmmmm…. yep. That’s all I’ve got today. Sad but true. But possibly poetic???? 😀


OK. I hope all of you have had a lovely weekend and a joyous Monday!



– Nina Limardo