What to write about when you don’t know what to write about

(Image Credit: The Brass Glass) If you are reading this post, I assume that you have just drifted away from your empty word document in search of a magic wizard that will give you an epiphany on what you should write about. In today’s times, that magic wizard is probably Google. Fortunately I have about three things you can write about when you are stumped, have no idea what you should be writing about. Whether you are writing a blog post, an essay for class, or your dissertation, these tips are simple and easy to use. How do you think…
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The Self-employed life: do what you love

Hello everyone! Since becoming a full-time writer a few years ago, I've noticed that I'm still having trouble adapting to the schedule, or lack thereof. Mind you, I would not trade my life for the world, but I think the lifestyle of the self-employed is something that is not much talked about. You can read 100,000 articles about how to become self-employed in some practice or other, but not many of them can communicate what happens after, in your day-to-day affairs. Overall, have nothing to complain about, of course. It's simply the passing of the days and the nights where…
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